Learn About House Keeping and Cleanliness of Hotels

Learn About House Keeping There will be lessons that teach you how to arrange a hotel room to look neat and nice to look at. Starting from the installation of bed covers and bed linen and also do not forget about the use of cleaning tools. Cleaning the floor also needs to be taken care of and clean different materials such as wood, marble, ceramics and so on. Spatial arrangements must also be studied, starting from arranging meeting rooms, arranging chairs and tables and so on. Treatment will also be taught, where a hotel student will be taught how to care for the garden, hotel glass even the swimming pool. Lots to be learned about the cleanliness of hotel rooms and so on.

Learn About House Keeping international hospitality lecture in Jakarta

Learn About Types of Foods and Also Beverages
In hospitality, it will certainly be closely related to the presence of food and drinks at the hotel. Surely every hotel visitor requires the availability of food and drinks at the hotel. Because after all food and drinks are the most basic needs for human life. Therefore, knowledge of food and drinks is very important to learn in this hospitality department.

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international hospitality lecture in Jakarta

Knowledge of Cakes and Bread
Knowledge of bread and cakes is really needed for a hospitality alumni. Students will be taught to make a bread and cake for hotel residents later. Taught how to make bread so that it does not over cook and does not fail, play the cake so that it will not be salted and excess water later. While in the making of bread will be given recipes that are certainly important for future alumni. Good ways to make good bread are also ways to mix it into the right mixture until the right heating and not excess or even too hot. Everything is studied in detail at this faculty, so that makes the students and students will become good at cooking.

Knowledge of Beverage to Become a Barista
In this department will be taught how to serve drinks properly and correctly. Memorization of the glass and its function can be up to hundreds of sheets and of course all of them must be memorized. The contents of the drinks to be served will also be studied, until becoming a bartender. Usually the types of drinks will also be studied, such as wine, alcohol and coffee. There are so many lessons about being a good barista to being a bartender.

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Learn About House Keeping and About Entrepreneurship
In college, will learn about entrepreneurship, how to make a good business to a good business strategy and will run. Will be taught how to make proposals in the form of a good business plan until the loan funds needed and implementation in the field later. If the campus is good, then it will be enough to focus on this entrepreneurship and support up to prospective alumni businesses to become. It’s fun where, learning while doing entrepreneurship will later be useful when you become an alumni later.

Learn About Tourism
Usually many people who think that this hotel is similar to tourism or arguably the same. But over time, it can be seen that these two majors are quite different, because you could say that hospitality is part of tourism. Another case with tourism that is not just dependent and learn about hospitality alone. Tourism to be studied includes tourist destinations, tourists to the law on tourism and the impact that will result from tourism of course.

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